Assembly line

Assembly Line Theatre Company was founded in the spring of 2017 in Detroit, Michigan. Yes, we are a working class theatre for a working class town. Our mission is to produce original and established works that entertain and are relevant in today’s world. As a Detroit  theatre we want to reflect the diversity of the population of the city and surrounding areas in our work on stage, our audience, and our workforce. We strive to build bridges and we aim for inclusion. We want to produce theatre that appeals to a wide variety of people: sometimes edgy, sometimes goofy, sometimes serious, but always entertaining.  Our intent is to spark discussions rather than answer questions. Theatre is a team effort, done one step at a time. We are building something from the ground up and it takes many different moving parts – including our audience – to make that happen.

COMING SOON: We’ll be announcing our 2018-2019 season!